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  • Shilajit resin

    Shilajit – Cold Filtered Premium Resin


    Shilajit – Cold Filtered

    With up to 85 vitamins and ionic minerals, Everyday Essence Shilajit is the perfect addition to help protect, preserve, and rejuvenate. Our cold filtered Shilajit helps to boost healing, promote the natural production of collagen, calm inflamation,increase energy, boost immune function, reduce stress, and fight premature aging with it’s powerful antioxidant complex.


    Tested in the U.S.A for purity and potency! 


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    Shilajit Spray

    Shilajit Vitamin Mist


    This refreshing shilajit spray is packed full of *85 ionic vitamins and minerals.  Our premium shilajit is cold filtered making it rich in fulvic acid.  This protective, yet healing spray help to prevent the signs of aging while protecting skin from harsh environmental chemicals that could cause premature aging, fine lines, and break outs.

    The combination of vitamin packed shilatjit with a hint of colloidal silver and organic essential oils make it the perfect AM and Mid-Day reviving spray!

    Protect the Skin You’re In!