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    Shilajit – 30 gram


    Shilajit is a daily supplement that promotes mental clarity, while boosting natural energy, and protecting the body from harmful toxins; backed by science. It’s one of Mother Nature’s most powerful compounds and delivers up to 85+ ionic vitamins and minerals in just one pea-sized serving.

    Studies suggest it supports healthy aging, tissue regeneration, increased metabolism, and a boost in immune function.


    Shilajit Promotes Better Cognitive Function 

    The International Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease is quoted as saying,

    “Shilajit, its main components, and potential uses based on properties of fulvic acid. This phytocomplex known as shilajit is mainly composed of humic substances.

    One of them, fulvic acid, is known by its properties such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and memory enhancer.

    Novel investigations indicate that fulvic acid is an anti-aggregation factor of tau protein in vitro [1], which projects fulvic acid as a potential anti-Alzheimer’s disease molecule.”

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  • Shilajit resin

    Shilajit – Cold Filtered Premium Resin


    With up to 85 vitamins and ionic minerals, Everyday Essence Shilajit is the perfect addition to help protect, preserve, and rejuvenate. Our cold filtered Shilajit helps to boost healing, promote the natural production of collagen, calm inflamation, increase energy, boost immune function, reduce stress, and fight premature aging with its powerful antioxidant complex.

    Tested in the U.S.A for purity and potency!