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    Saffron Oil

    Saffron Gold – Skin Oil


    Saffron Gold is a rejuvenating skin oil derived from the most valuable spice in the world – saffron. Known to be used by Cleopatra before seeing a suitor, this extremely precious spice demands a perfectly timed cultivation. It comes from the fiery red stigmas of the flower Crocus sativus and is painstakingly propagated and harvested by hand on the morning it blooms. It’s chock full of gentle acids for mild exfoliation, vitamins and minerals with detoxifying properties and antioxidants that work to reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin. We’ve done our homework and have searched far and wide to source pure, organic saffron and other essential ingredients that compliment each other to produce an elixir that covers all its bases.

    *Fun Fact: Here at Everyday Essence, our team likes to sneak in an ironic quip here and there to give us a chuckle throughout the day. That’s why we decided to name it Saffron Gold, because the saffron spice is actually worth more than gold by weight. 

    Who Does It Help?

    Anybody and everybody. Saffron Gold was designed to be beneficial and safe for all skin types. If your skin seems dull or even irritated, Saffron Gold begins to produce results within a few days of use. It can brighten your complexion and moisturize your skin throughout the day.

    How Does It Feel? 

    If saffron is the most valuable spice in the world, then Saffron Gold might just feel like the most valuable oil in the world as your spread it evenly around your face. Every drop feels like a luxurious and well-deserved day at the spa.

    How Should I Use It?

    Savor your Saffron Gold like the rare and precious oil that it is. 4-8 drops of this detoxifying, natural oil will go a long way when applied to clean skin. After a few uses, your skin will long for Saffron Gold’s moisturizing qualities at the end of a long workday. This rich oil also acts as an extra layer of hydration under makeup, giving you a refreshing glow at the start of your day.

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    Natural Toner - Shilajit Spray

    Shilajit Vitamin Mist


    Treat your skin to an exotic experience by way of this refreshing, aromatic mist we like to call Shilajit Vitamin Mist. Shilajit is a natural occurring phytocomplex derived from the Altai mountains where it has been formed for centuries by the gradual decomposition of super plants by way of tiny microorganisms. That’s right, an 8oz bottle of our premium shilajit spray may have been centuries in the making. Our premium shilajit is cold filtered and tested, which means that we can preserve more of its rich vitamins as well as its star compound – fulvic acid. This all-natural toner packs a punch with up to 85 ionic vitamins and minerals, as well as a hint of colloidal silver.

    Who Does This Natural Toner Help?

    Fulvic acid, one of the key compounds found in shilajit, is known to act as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation. It works to slow down the aging process, protect your skin from free radicals, reduce fine lines, and prevent pesky breakouts. It’s best for people who understand the importance of incorporating powerful antioxidants and vitamins into their daily skin regimen.

    How Does It Feel/Smell? 

    It feels like summer on the back porch of your childhood home. The misters come to life and deliver a cool, much-needed relief from the summer heat. Then suddenly a quick breeze marries the refreshing mist with subtle hints of rose or lavender from your mother’s garden. If you find yourself drawn to the sweet, aromatic scents of designer perfume, then choose the rose option. If you indulge in the occasional spa day with fine, organic essential oils then you might find the lavender scent to be an enchanting companion to your morning skin regimen.

    How Should I Use It? 

    You can use it straight out of a steamy shower to calm irritated skin and even-out complexion. Or use it to refresh dull, tired skin between work and drinks with friends. Personally, we love to use our shilajit spray first thing in the morning, The coolness of the mist and the calming properties of the organic shilajit and colloidal silver will awaken your skin while this natural toner delivers up to 85 ionic vitamins and minerals before you’ve even had your first cup of joe.

    Size: 8 ounces of natural toner

    * Shilajit can contain up to 85 ionic vitamins and minerals.  While we strive for uniform production, our hand crafted products may vary slightly based on the natural sources of our ingredients.

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    natural hair growth spray

    Phoenix Natural Hair Growth Spray


    This refreshing shilajit natural hair growth spray is packed full of *85 ionic vitamins and minerals.  Our premium shilajit is cold filtered making it rich in fulvic acid.  This natural hair growth product promotes stronger, fuller hair. No chemicals, no unnatural fragrances, or dyes ever!  Shilajit has been use in Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years.

    The combination of vitamin packed shilatjit with a hint of colloidal silver and organic essential oils make it the perfect AM and night spray!

    Spray 5  – 7 sprays twice a day for best results.



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